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Veneer-Wrapped Components

Turning nature's beauty into works of art. 

VT's custom veneer-wrapped components provide the perfect touch for any project. Whether veneer wrapping unsightly metal edges with the rich elegance of wood, or substituting veneer wrapped substrates for expensive lumber, veneer wrapped components create a masterpiece that is both economically and environmentally savvy. 

Key Features

  • Ability to hand-wrap or machine wrap
  • Virtually any shape or profile available
  • Lengths up to 15', custom sizes available upon request
  • Paper,  fleece, or flex backed veneers - most woods available 
  • All substrates realize a 100% yield
  • NAUF and FSC® certified upon request
  • Custom finishes available


Veneer-Wrapped Components

  • Office Components

    Bring any space to life with our custom, hand-crafted products including

    • Case goods 
    • Shelving
    • Desks
    • Cubicles/ dividers
    • Frames
    • Paneling
    • Door banding
  • Trims, Rails, Mouldings, and Substrates

    VT's hardwood veneer wrapping gives trim, rails, moulding and substrates an elegant look that complements each element of a room — and the overall aesthetic statement the room makes. Components are veneer-wrapped with the finest hardwood veneers and then assembled in-house for optimum customization and quality— saving you time and money.