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Virtual Day 2021

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Website Navigation: Attend

Tune in for a click-by-click guided tour through the VT Industries website. Learn how to access our technical resources, literature, and even project inspiration.

Marketing Support: Attend

How can we help you? This collaborative session is geared to help make your job easier by partnering with VT! Do you need assistance sending out co-branded email templates, are you searching for high resolution images, or do you need samples and displays for your showroom? VT Industries is here and ready to help!

Door 101: Product Training: Attend

Territory Sales Manager and Door Expert, Jacob Freese will explain the ins & outs of a VT door along with many tips and insights that can help you when quoting your next project.

Order Entry Process Attend

Do you remember School House Rock’s - How a Bill becomes a Law? Tune in with VT’s Customer Service Experts for a School House Rock themed overview of how a quote becomes an order and how an order becomes a VT door.

Where It Is Made Attend

As you well know, VT has several manufacturing facilities, so how do you know where your orders are made? Our experts have it explained!

Continuous Improvement Attend

Join Product Manager, Andrea Larson, for an overview on VT’s quality control processes and our continuous improvement efforts.

Lean Overview Attend

Product Manager, and Lean expert, Andrea Larson, will explain how VT maximizes quality manufacturing and productivity while reducing order lead times.

Virtual Tour Attend

Everyone’s favorite – the Virtual Plant Tour. Follow along as we give you the guided tour of our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and the people who bring each door to life.

Claims Process Attend

Unfortunately, issues occur; but we want to make them right! Find out the step-by-step process we have in place in the event a claim is needed and exactly what you need to do.

Value-Add Products Attend

We may be most widely known for our flush doors, but VT offers so much more than that. With the addition of the Eggers division, VT proudly offers Palladium Impact resistant doors, custom wood paneling, and conference tables. Also learn about VT’s extended capabilities with STC ratings and more!

New VTOL Sneak Peek (Neenah Only) Attend

Eggers Division President, Ann Duebner, is proud to show a sneak peek of the all new VTOL (Neenah customers only)! You won’t want to miss Ann’s live demo!

Customer Topic of Choice Attend

Do you have something you’re interested in learning more about? Let us know in the comment box below and we will do our best to accommodate!