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Supa Collection

The Right Door For Every Design. 

Performance meets seamless design integration in the Supa Collection, our outstanding line-up of paint-grade door offerings. Whether you're envisioning a classic, colonial panel design or an Art-Deco door made of glass, we can build it. 

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Key Features

  • Over 120 standard elevations perfect for any residential or commercial application
  • Wide array of sticking, panel, & moulding profile options
  • Up to 90-minute fire ratings available in any design
  • STC ratings
  • True & false louvers
  • Flat & raised panels
  • Glass & mirrored options 
  • Pre-finishing available with paint colors from all major manufacturers
  • Custom options 

The Supa Collection

  • Fire Doors

    The Supa Collection fire doors feature traditional stile and rail construction perfectly matched to our non-rated doors. Importantly, our doors remain at the standard 1¾" thickness even on 90-minute ratings.

    The Supa Collection has the following fire-rated options:

    •  20-minute sizes: 1-3/4" thick maximum size: 4'-0" x 10'-0" for a single door, maximum size 8'-0" x 10'-0" for pairs
    • 45-60-minute sizes: 1-3/4” thick maximum size 4’-0” x 8’-0” or 3’-6” x 9’-0” for a single door, maximum size 7’-0” x 8’-0” or 8’-0” x 7’-0” for pairs
    • 90-minute sizes: 1-3/4" thick maximum size: 7’-0” x 8’-0” or 8'-0” x 7’-0” for pairs
    • Single or pairs; raised or flat panels designed to compliment non-rated doors at 1-3/4" or 2-1/4"
    • Temperature rise fire doors 
    • Fire-rated doors are available with glass configurations

  • STC Ratings

    Noise is one of the single most common complaints at hotels, condos, and other commercial properties. For this reason STC ratings have become a primary consideration when choosing doors for large-scale projects or applications where privacy is a top concern.

    • STC ratings from STC 32 to STC 40
    • Contact your inside sales representatives for more information regarding specific project requirements
  • Louver Doors

    Louver doors are both function and aesthetically pleasing. Whether a "true" vented louver or a "false" louver for appearance, the Supa Collection has a louver door for every design. We'll customize your panel layout and your stile and rail widths, and we offer swinging louver doors, bypass louver doors, or pocket louver doors. 

    • 6 standard elevations
    • Custom elevations available
    • True and false louver options

  • Glass & Mirrored Doors

    Glass Doors

    Glass is a great complement to any door in the Supa Collection and is ideal for applications such as hotel bathroom slider doors, egress doors, office doors, and hotel meeting rooms. We have distinct glass options and are confident you'll find that perfect answer for projects wanting to add natural light, transparency, or a featured look to your commercial project. 

    Benefits of Supa Collection Glass Doors:

    • Available in five standard glass types: white lami, clear tempered, clear reeded, rainy, and frosted. Custom glass options available upon request
    • Contact factory for fire-rated glass options (default 3/16" fire glass)
    • True Divided Lite (TDL, aka muntins), on applications where each opening contains its own piece of glass, creates an upscale custom look to the door (most popular TDL sticking profiles are True T and Oval O)
    • Standard face dimension of muntin bars is 1/2" wide plus the sticking width (True T and True Oval O muntins are 1/4" plus the sticking width)
    • Any paneled Supa Collection door design may be replaced with one of more pieces of clear, frosted, decorative, or specialty glass

    glass options

    Mirrored Doors

    Our construction allows for a different design on each side of the door. Any design can have mirrors applied to it. Mirrors come in 1/8" and 3/16" thickness. 

    • Mirrors are fixed with adhesive
    • Available with any elevation

  • Flush Doors

    Flush Features For A Custom Look

    • 8 elevations featuring flush construction with reveals
    • Flush elevations create a unique, custom look
  • Painted Doors

    Add eye-catching color to any door with Supa Collection painted doors. 

    • Available in any paint color from all major paint manufacturers. Color match available upon request
    • Water-based primer and AWS System 8 finish is standard
    • All painted doors have factory-sealed top and bottom rails