VT Sustainability

VT Industries and the Environment

We don't just work in this world. We live in it, too. That’s why we take every possible step toward promoting an environmentally conscious workplace. Our manufacturing techniques are constantly monitored and adapted to ensure environmental responsibility.


From environmentally friendly adhesives to water-based stains, we’re committed to meeting—and exceeding when possible—the requirements to eliminate hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VT manufactures our doors and countertops with sustainable materials, offering recycled, FSC certified, GREENGUARD Certified, and no added urea-formaldehyde products.


We realize that our responsibility doesn’t end with the manufacturing process. For that reason, our offices are based on an electronic philosophy, and any paper generated in those offices is diligently recycled.


Our Commitment to Lean Manufacturing

Waste drives cost. It’s a simple tenet of business. VT Industries wastes as little as possible to keep overhead low and ensure we deliver you superior products at competitive pricing.


To keep waste at a minimum, we employ every possible means of lean manufacturing—from reusing scraps of core materials to heating our plants with sawdust inevitably left over from the manufacturing process.


Even our distribution system for countertops is lean. By manufacturing countertops across the country, we’re able to deliver our products in the most efficient way possible.


All employees—from manufacturing to accounting—are encouraged and involved in helping find innovative ways to make our business efficient and effective. We continually research and implement ways to make our operations even leaner. This adds value to our products, providing our customers with the best possible results at the lowest price possible.

Corporate Sustainability Brochure

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