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Capture luxury and durability with TruQuartz authentic stone countertops. Naturally beautiful colors and engineered performance combine to give you the sophisticated look and feel you seek.

Key Features

  • Perfect for a wide range of project applications
  • Extremely durable and low maintenance
  • Scratch and stain resistant
  • Non Porous material
  • No annual sealing required


Explore the 20 beautifully meandering patterns TruQuartz has to offer.

Edge Profiles

Choose among the most elegant edge profiles specially designed to further enhance the look of any space.

Basic 2 cm

2 cm Small Round Over2 cm Eased2 cm Top Bevel

Value 2 cm

2 cm Ogee2 cm Bullnose2 cm Round Over

Basic 3 cm

3 cm Small Round Over3 cm Eased3 cm Top Bevel

Value 3 cm

3 cm Bullnose3 cm Ogee3 cm Crescent3 cm Round Over

Basic 4 cm

4 cm Eased4 cm Small Round Over

Value 4 cm

4 cm Crescent4 cm Bullnose4 cm Round Over4 cm Top Bevel

Enhanced 4 cm

4 cm Ogee4 cm Ogee Bullnose4 cm Triple Waterfall4 cm Roman Ogee