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Escape With A'vant Vanity Surfaces Homeowner

Escape the ordinary with a wide array of vanity options. A'vant Vanity Surfaces offer more colors and more patterns, with unsurpassed performance. Created from authentic, quality stone, and featuring 15 of today's most popular colors and patterns, A'vant vanities bring visually stunning appeal to any bathroom.

Capturing the Colors of Today

All of today's most popular tones in one space-defining color palette. From capturing the warmth of a fiery sunset to the exuding calm of a winter landscape, A'vant's gorgeous portfolio of 15 natural on-trend hues bringing rich, vibrant life to the bath.

A'vant Colors

  • color chip Apollo
  • color chip Burlywood
  • color chip Cafe Noir
  • color chip Callisto
  • color chip Casablanca
  • color chip Elara
  • color chip Kodiak
  • color chip Lunar
  • color chip Meteorite
  • color chip Mira
  • color chip Palazzo
  • color chip Penumbra
  • color chip Salem
  • color chip Wheat
  • color chip White Sands


Proven to Perform

Quartz and granite have earned a reputation for high durability, and for good reason. These natural surfaces stand up to the everyday–and then some–to maintain a beautiful, consistent look for years to come.

Consistent Nationwide Availability

A'vant is the only vanity program offering nationwide distribution and delivery, and it's backed by VT's trusted industry reputation of always supplying consistent products and offering consistent availability.



Custom & Standard Sizes

A'vant vanities come in five standard sizes, and we also offer a number custom sizes.

  • Fully fabricated vanity tops in the following standard sizes: 25", 31", 37", 49" and 61".
  • A custom offering is available.
  • All standard and custom sizes have a standard 2 cm thickness.
  • Backsplashes are sold with the vanity as a kit. They are 4" x the lencth of the vanity (2 cm thickness).

The Perfect Sink Pairing

VT offers a variety of sink options to pair with A'vant vanities, so you can find exactly the look you want.

  • 2 Color: White & Bisque
  • 2 Shapes: Oval & Rectangular
  • Oval Sink – 17 x 14; Rectangular Sink – 18 x 13
  • Single or Double Bowl
  • Sinks come with a single pre=cut faucet hole

One-year Limited Warranty

VT stands behind the quality and performance of these vanity surfaces, offering a one-year limited warranty—so your customers can confidently choose A’vant.

Care & Maintenance

Download our A'vant Care & Maintenance brochure to ensure long-lasting beauty of your A'vant surface.