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  • GeoScapes Moving Foward

    posted on 09/08/2017 in Countertops

    In July, VT Industries announced the discontinuation of our VersaTop and TruQuartz product lines under the GeoScapes brand. As we move forward, we wanted to take the opportunity to address some of the concerns in the market regarding the availability of quartz, granite, and stone surfacing products from VT Industries.

  • VT Countertops: Mid-Year Update

    posted on 08/11/2017 in Countertops

    With 2017 flying by, we wanted to take a quick second and update you on the latest news from VT!

  • VT Participates in Industry Tradeshows:

    posted on 07/06/2017 in Countertops

    VT's Team has been busy attending industry tradeshows across the country. This month our sales team traveled to take part in the NAA Convention in Atlanta, GA as well as the Lumberman's Product Fair in Grand Rapids, MI.

  • Customer Service Restructuring

    posted on 06/05/2017 in Countertops

    In order to better serve you, we did a little restructuring here in our customer service center in Sac City, IA. Our newest addition to the VT Customer Service team is Inside Sales & Customer Service Manager, Chris Grothe.

  • VT Industries Announces KBIS Raffle Winners

    posted on 01/27/2017 in Countertops

    KBIS 2017 Amazon Gift Card Raffle Winners

  • Top Selling A'vant Colors 2016

    posted on 11/21/2016 in Countertops

    The top colors to date are Meteorite, Salem, and Palazzo.

  • 2016 Kitchen Trends

    posted on 11/14/2016 in Countertops

    Overall, the 2016 dream kitchen was portrayed in soft, neutral colors like greys and whites, giving off a simple yet elegant vibe.

  • 2016 Most Popular Laminate Colors

    posted on 11/14/2016 in Countertops

    The most popular color of 2016 was Formica's Butterum Granite.