Dimensions Countertops

How To Choose a Countertop

What material to choose, how much to spend, and how to achieve the look you want are some of the questions you’re likely to have when choosing a countertop. Not to worry. The information below provides a great place to start.

Consider the application

Where you plan to install your countertop should dictate your material choice. Remember that kitchens and baths are high-traffic areas, and having a durable surface is critical. VT Dimensions' seamless edges offer extremely low-maintenance durability, with no polishing or sealing required. They also won’t stain like natural surfaces will and the lack of seams means that dirt and grime won't collect.

Get in sync with the sink

If your new countertop will incorporate a sink, you might want to consider an undermount installation. This increasingly popular design element adds contemporary flair, and it is readily achievable with a VT Dimensions seamless countertop.

The all-important edge

The large-scale patterns, movement, and textures of today’s premium laminates emulate the beauty of natural materials such as granite and marble. And the seamless sophistication of VT Dimensions countertops, with our exclusive edge profiles, is essential to completing the authentic look.

Don’t forget the finishing touches

VT Industries is North America's leading countertop manufacturer and offers the additional details that complete the look. For example, our countertops are available with or without a backsplash for further customization.

It pays to compare

The chart below further demonstrates the value of VT Dimensions countertops. When you combine their overall price advantage with VT’s industry-leading technologies and design possibilities, the choice is clear.