Customer Service

Why VT


VT's Customer service is very efficient and flexible if there is ever a problem with a countertop. For example, a while back we had a situation where we ordered a specialty laminate on a premium profile edge countertop and when it arrived there was a defect in the laminate. We contacted VT and explained the situation and in three days we had a new countertop and ended up making our install date. The crew at VT expedited the laminate and expedited the production process so we could keep our install date.

Bert Nagy
Owner, Backsplash, Inc.
Lawrenceville, GA

Counter-Tech, Inc. has been a customer of VT Industries for 16 years....the whole life of my company. I think the two most important things that set VT Industries apart from other blank manufacturers are people and product, in that order. VT's relationships with their fabricators are as strong as they are because of their people and their team approach to building the business. Building the business is easier when you're selling the best product in the marketplace.

Michael Ahlstrom
Owner/President, Counter-Tech, Inc.
Woodinville, Washington

Being located in Hawaii, we are several time zones behind the continental United States so we depend heavily on our sales representative and he is available 24/7 for our convenience. Our sales representative is amazing. We know we can contact him at any time of the day. He is only a call away when we have a question or concern. Another benefit of working with VT Industries that we all work together as a team, it is a true partnership. All of our goals are aligned.

Pat Fujioka
Sales Leader, McKillican American-Hawaii
Honolulu, Hawaii

VT's innovative thinking takes away the stigma of laminate countertops being a "cheap" looking countertop and moves it into a whole new arena. With the introduction of the Valencia, the stylish profile has even custom designers turning their heads. Also, VT's customer service people are second to absolutely none. They are very knowledgeable and friendly, always responding to requests and issues in a very expedient manner.

Ray Weitzel
President, CounterTop Solutions, Inc.
New Holland, Pennsylvania