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Our Leadership Team

Keeping Our Values at Our Core.

Part of what makes VT so great is our dedicated leadership team. It won't take long to see just how much our talented and compassionate leaders truly care about each and every employee. With the third generation entering leadership roles, putting our employees first and growing the VT family continues to be at our core.

Doug ClausenDoug Clausen —President & CEO

Jason FarverJason Farver — Chief Operating Officer

Randy GerritsenRandy Gerritsen — Chief Financial Officer

Steve TomlinsonSteve Tomlinson — Chief Intelligence Officer

Mike AlbrightMike Albright — Chief Human Resources Officer

Trisha SchmittTrisha Schmitt — Vice President, Corporate Marketing

John Bowling— Sr. Vice President of Sales, Countertop Division

Ryan Clausen— Vice President of Sales, Countertop Division

Tim PetersenTim Petersen — Vice President of Sales, Door Division 

Ryan MillerRyan Miller — Vice President, Operations - Countertops

Travis MudloffTravis Mudloff — Vice President, Operations - AWD Pam RohlkPam Rohlk — Director of Customer Service

Aaron ClausenAaron Clausen — CI / Lean Leader