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Our Leadership Team

Doug ClausenDoug Clausen —President & CEO

Jason FarverJason Farver — Chief Operating Officer

Randy GerritsenRandy Gerritsen — Chief Financial Officer

Steve TomlinsonSteve Tomlinson — Chief Intelligence Officer

Mike AlbrightMike Albright — Chief Human Resources Officer

Trisha SchmittTrisha Schmitt — Vice President, Corporate Marketing

John Bowling— Sr. Vice President of Sales, Countertop Division

Ryan Clausen— Vice President of Sales, Countertop Division

Tim PetersenTim Petersen — Vice President of Sales, Door Division 

Ryan MillerRyan Miller — Vice President, Operations - countertops

Travis MudloffTravis Mudloff — Vice President, Operations - AWD Pam RohlkPam Rohlk — Director of Customer Service

Aaron ClausenAaron Clausen — CI / Lean Leader