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The VT Culture

Our Employees Are Our Greatest Assets  

"By investing in people, technology, and innovation, the VT Family exceeds customer expectations by providing world-class service and high quality products." — VT's Mission Statement

Employees at Luncheon

Engaged Employees are the Key to Success  

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The Work Life  Employees Eating Lunch

  • Casual Work Attire
  • Flexible Schedules
  • Family-Oriented
  • Commitment to Innovation & Growth
  • Fun, Friendly Atmosphere
  • Annual Health Fairs
  • Focus on Being "Employer of Choice"
  • Approachable Leadership

Friendly Competitions  coloring contest winners

  • Cook-Off Competitions
  • Holiday Decorating Contests
  • Baby Picture Guessing Games
  • Drawing for NFL / Musical Tickets
  • Holiday Costume Contests
  • Coloring Contests for Employee's Children / Grandchildren

Becoming the VT Family  belanger summer outing

  • Employee Walking Trail 
  • Quarterly Employee  Luncheons
  • Christmas Party
  • Summer Outing for Entire Family
  • Annual Turkey Give-Away
  • Ice Cream Socials
  • Shelter Areas with Grills 
“The team environment between co-workers is great. We all care about each other. If someone has a heavy workload, we try to help out and pitch in where we can. There is so much interaction between employees as well, so we try to make our work environment fun to be a part of.” — Deb Pruitt, Project Coordinator