VT LEED Calculator

The LEED Calculator allows you to investigate credit assistance available from VT Architectural Wood Doors for your LEED project. This online tool makes it easy to compare LEED assistance for different door types and calculate possible credit achievement for LEED projects. VT offers two ways to find your desired LEED complaint door.

The first selection is to choose the desired core type and VT environmental option. This will generate all of the percentages for all LEED credits applicable to wood doors, even calculating mileage for regional material credit based on the project zip code.

Or, select the LEED credit(s) you require and let us show you what is available. This will result in all VT door types available for individual or multiple LEED credit requirements, allowing you to confidently specify and order VT Architectural Wood Doors.

Once you have achieved your desired LEED Calculator outcome, your results are easy to download, save, or print. A supplementary link to VT door cut sheets allows you to quickly gather additional useful information to share with your team, customers, and vendors.

Calculate LEED Assistance

LEED Letter Generator

Need project specific information, VT makes it easy to submit supporting documentation and manufacturer verification needed for sustainable projects with VT’s LEED Letter Generator. Any Architect, General Contractor, or VT Distributor can download a project specific LEED compliance letter with a click of the button from the LEED Calculator website.

LEED compliance letters can be produced at any time, whether the doors have been quoted yesterday, are on order, or have been supplied to the site. All that is necessary is a VT file number to generate documentation required for LEED projects and essential percentages for submittal, filling forms, and calculating LEED credit assistance.

Generate your LEED Letter