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Supa Collection

Built to order, constructed to last.

Create the right door for every design with The Supa Collection. Whether you're envisioning a classic, colonial panel design or an Art-Deco door made of glass, we can build it. Plus, our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility has the ability to add pre-hung units, pre-finishing, and stain to your doors, increasing efficiency and minimizing lead time. 

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Key Features

  • Custom
  • Fire-rated
  • Stile & Rail
  • Interlocking wood edges
  • Keyed-edge hardwood
  • Sustainable

The Supa Collection

  • Fire Doors

    Supa Collection fire doors feature traditional stile and rail construction perfectly matched to our non-rated doors . Importantly, our doors remain at the standard 1¾" thickness even on 90-minute ratings .

    Benefits of Supa Collection Fire Doors

    • Custom Designs 20 Minute, 45 Minute, 60 Minute, and 90 Minute Fire Rated doors in any design
    • Designed to MATCH a non rated door at 1¾" or 2¼" thick
    • Any size up to 8'0" tall
    • Singles and Paired Fire Doors
    • Raised Panel or Flat Panel Fire Doors
    • Pre-finished in any custom color
    • Sound STC ratings Fire Doors
    • Temperature Rise Fire Doors (Only available in 45, 60, 90-min, no glass)
    • Glass Fire Doors over 100 sq. inch 
    • Machining for hinges, lock body, mortise lock bodies,card reader, RIM Exit Devices, etc.
    • Electrified Hinge Prep (Requires raceway)
    • Category A or Category B Fire Rating (20 minute only)
    • Fire Rated Glass
    • 20 minute through 90 minute Wood Fire rated Frames
  • Louver Doors

    Louver doors are ideal for residential and commercial applications. Customizable in layout and sizing. Choose from fully vented louvers or false louvers. You also have the option to customize your panel layout, stile and rail widths, whether you are choosing swinging louver doors, bypass louver doors or pocket louver doors.

    Benefits of Supa Collection Louver Doors

    • Fully Vented or False Louvers
    • Custom Panel Layouts 
    • Custom Stile and Rail widths 
    • Custom Louver Sizes
    • Louver Blade Angle customization to accommodate specific air space requirements

  • Glass Doors

    With many distinct glass options, Supa Collection glass doors are a perfect option for residential projects looking to add natural light or a featured look to a living space, as well as a great option for commercial projects in need of transparency or added light. 

    Benefits of Supa Collection Glass Doors

    • Any custom or standard Supa Collection panel design can be replaced with glass
    • Standard and custom glass options available
    • Six standard sticking options 
    • True and simulated divided lite options available
    • Mirrored glass and Lumicor architectural resin panels can be substituted for glass
    • Contact factory for fire rated glazing options